Green Roofs

VertiScape are an industry leader in the design, installation and maintenance of world class green roof systems

VertiScape are a specialist supplier and installer of commercial green roofs in Sydney, Melbourne & throughout Australia

Years of testing and product development have enabled us to deliver highly successful green roof gardens in iconic locations such as the Unisuper project that overlooks Melbourne’s Bourke St precinct. Our understanding of all the aspects of drainage, soil media, plants and logistics ensures VertiScape are the chosen company to deliver gardens that continue to thrive into the future. As more projects look to incorporate greening solutions green roofs over a wide range of benefits for your project including;

Provides a rainwater buffer

Increased roof lifespan

Reduction of ambient temperature

Increase in solar panel efficiency

Increases biodiversity

Adds value to the building

VertiScape are also a platinum installer for the Sempergreen range of green roof solutions

Commercial projects

Residential solutions

Consultation service

Design, manufacture & installation

Plant selection & horticulture

Irrigation & maintenance

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Our aim is deliver a professional service across all levels of corporate and private business, and to change the way we design and build our living spaces in the future.